Our Mission

With working in tandem with our community, we want to create a different type of entertainment, obstacles that push players to think in new ways, new welcoming cultures, and promote Alternate Realities for people to live in a different type of digital environments.

We do not aim for any particular demographic of gamers, nor do we feel gamers should be treated as anything less than unique individuials. We offer our visions and ideas in hopes others see the same vision as we do and want to build on it. We are a new game company that is taking their time to cultivate a new type of culture that can build upon itself through the games and communities that we build together.

Our aim with future projects is to allow the players to be the characters that create living stories instead of creating the stories for them. Cilthocal Game Studios is just providing the tools needed to craft these living stories that players want to be immortalized in. Alternate reality is the main driver in the toolkit that we are offering. The ability to have an actual ability to leave an impact on the worlds that we create and the player inhabits.

We want to work in tandem with the community to make our visions become realities. This involves a good line of communication, transparency, and above all, trust between the player and the developer.

Cilithocal Game Studios will never talk about the bottom line, never give any control of creativity to a 3rd party, and always approach classic and modern game designs as something that can be improved on.

We promise to improve on our mission as time goes on. We will never forget our original mission in bringing something distinct to gamers who want to be a part of realities that they can grow in.