First Game Release!

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Use Explosions To Solve Puzzles

Set 'N Det is a physics-based puzzle game that utilizes quick simulation determination to allow large numbers of objects to appear at once on each level. Destroy your objectives without causing any collateral damage to complete each challenge.

Screenshot Explosion

Limited Ads

Free-To-Play On Mobile! Every third level will show an ad that unlocks the next three levels. Once an ad has been viewed, that level will be ad-free on every preceding play through. If you play through the entire game once, you’ll never have to watch an ad again! This essentially turns Set 'N Det from a freemium game to a premium offline game the more you play! Want to support the game? Pay for the premium unlock for ad-free play.

Screenshot Explosion

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Worldwide release on multiple devices and platforms! We are pushing for a large release on the first day in multiple countries and across many devices.

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