This is what we are about. Cilithocal is a small gaming studio focused on developing games with limited distractions to the "game loop." The game loop being what makes the series of events in a game fun and entertaining. The distractions we aim to limit include relentless ads, invasive Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, and the chase of microtransactions to make cycling through a game loop easier. These distractions have been overhwelmingly present in modern games and so we formed Cilithocal Game Studios LLC to create games that limit these intrusions.

We build games that we find fun, in hopes that others will find them fun too,and want to contribute to our projects. We want to develop games alongside our community. We do not go after what the latest trend of gaming is, or what can net us the biggest revenue from templated game ideas. We want to create unique game concepts that are fun, engaging, while improving upon previously used ideas and continuing to innovate new ideas of our own.

Cilithocal is a privately owned virtual Limited Liability Company established on March 9th, 2017. We build games in our free time, and would love to make this our full time focus. This will take time and devotion to both our products and the community. Cilithocal is willing to make that commitment and solidify in history quality games that we are proud to have built with our community that they want to play years later.