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Get the game on Google Play or the Apple App Store for free! Premium upgrade is available for $1.99 USD. Removes ads and unlocks Zero Gravity Campaign instantly. Desktop version is also now available through Steam! Desktop version supports Windows 7+, MacOS, and Linux! This week only, a special launch, 40% discount is going on!

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Free To Play Physics-Based Demolition Puzzle Game

No scripted or planned events! Each puzzle can be solved using a variety of explosives to destroy structures made of different construction materials. Pick the right tools for the job and let the game's physics engine do the rest.

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3 Campaigns, 72 Levels

On launch, Set 'N Det will have three completed campaigns that contain 72 total levels! Beat the game and unlock zero gravity mode. Replay the game with all the levels having no gravity. Future game modes are planned, first one being an endless mode. Any additional game modes will be free!

Limited Ads On Mobile

Every third level an ad is required to unlock the next 3 levels. Ads are never needed to replay levels in the campaign. Beat the entire set of campaigns and there will never be a need to watch an ad again. This essentially makes the game premium and fully offline playable. Connectivity is only needed to play ads.

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Premium App Purchase On Mobile

Only a single In-App purchase is present in the mobile version of the game. The purchase helps to support this game and future game projects. This is our first game and we hope you enjoy it!

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Tips And Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to master Set 'N Det quicker!

  • Dynamite is highly volatile and will explode with very little impact. It is the most unpredictable explosive, but it is also the cheapest and most useful of all the explosives.
  • TNT is highly stable and will survive any impact. It will explode on contact with fire or another explosion, but will survive most anything else. TNT is stronger when closer to objects and weaker when farther away. This is unlike dynamite where the force remains the same no matter the distance. Though TNT is more expensive than dynamite, its versatility can save you money in the long run.
  • RDX is very similar to TNT, having many similar characteristics, but is capable of destroying steel structures. This makes it extremely important when dealing with steel but also the most expensive explosive in the game.
  • The Incendiary Device is the most interesting and devastating device in the game. It can ignite wood and spread fire along all wood surfaces that are touching each other. Be careful not to over use this device as it can cause uncontrollable fires,if used properly, can save you lots of money.
  • All objects in the game have a limited amount of damage that they can sustain before they can no longer be interacted with. This means stacking explosives together in a tight area can instantly destroy structures without affecting other structures farther away, which can lead to spending more money than necessary while guranteeing a 100% completion on certain levels that might otherwise seem impossible.
  • If a fire is spreading and you need to put it out or prevent it from spreading any farther, simply place an explosive in its path to push it away.
  • It may be easy to set all devices to detonate on the but this can lead to a lower score and cause collateral damage to objects that will result in a penalty when destroyed. By timing the detonation of explosives on all available grids; , you can control how objects interact and create a series of controlled explosions. Some levels can not be beaten without using all the tools at your disposal.